Thursday, March 5, 2015

Grinds My Gears

I am getting so aggravated with my State and some of the peoples comments I hear and see about homosexuality. There is now another halt on same sex marriages. This ass backwards state is fighting to the death.
Then there's this guy saying guys go into prison and come out gay, so being gay is a choice? WTF?

Don't hide behind the bible or God just because you don't like it, agree with it or don't understand it. Man up and hold your opinions as your own. This is a free country after all. whats wrong with people loving someone of the same sex? 
I feel like people take in each word of the bible to literal. The bible are stories of the history of mankind and the history of that time. The stories do give a view of the culture and the struggles of what man has been through. but to give every word of the bible as being a direct word from God is incorrect. Man wrote these stories and I'm sure a lot of things in there were written for their benefit. What do you think has been happening for all of mans time with religion and politics. It's all about power and money. If you want to be close to God, be fair and compassionate to people. That's what is lacking in this world is compassion. I wrote this insert a few days ago on Facebook. Its funny when I feel I've written some truth on my status, my post goes dead silent. Feels like everyone is scared to comment. LOL

Jesus' teachings are the most compassionate and loving out of all the stories you will ever read in the bible. I do believe he knew the struggle was real. 
The law was a way for people to gain acceptance from God, when that was broken they sacrificed goats and sheep. That was still inadequate for the people....God sent his ultimate sacrifice Jesus. Jesus took the commandments to a higher level; the commandment thou shalt not kill....Jesus said if you even have hate in your heart for your brother, then you already murdered in your heart. He went above and beyond what was required of himself. We were shown time and time again that people will never be able to fully follow the requirements of the Law. Yet people use this same Law to hide behind their insecurities, hate, unacceptance and intolerance in the name of God.
NLV Matthew 22:37
"Love your God with all your heart, mind and soul and love your neighbors as yourself, that is the greatest commandment. The entire law and all the demands are based on these two commandments."

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