Monday, June 8, 2015

Story of my ....headaches?

Ugh so I've been not blogging for awhile. I've been fighting headaches, neck-aches, shoulder pains and all sorts of aches. So I found out that I have a couple of herniated disks in my neck. Yeah. Fun. Lots of Dr visits, physical therapy, and pain shots in my neck and a few months later. I'm a little better. The headaches are not as frequent, but still occur. No surgery any time soon as long as we can manage the pain. Doc says I'm too young to have this kind of surgery. Surgery will be last resort. So hopefully I can manage the pain as long as I can.

So yea, all my physical activities have halted. No more Roller Derby, no more rough housing. The main thing I asked my husband was "Omg what about Roller coasters?" I still haven't got an answer on that one. I will be mad as hell if the Doc says no. At least I was able to check the Mechanical Bull off my bucket list last year.  I finally went to my first comedy show last month to see Bill Burr,
freakin hilarious. I have more adventures lined up and things I'm waiting to get going. This scare has really opened my eyes about life and living each day to the fullest. People always think, "oh I'm still young, I have time to do that, or let me wait until I have more money". I say fuck that. I'm doing it now. You never know when something can happen to you and life is short. I'm going to be 38 this year, what time is a good time? The Present. I'll have more stories of shows and adventures to come.

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