Monday, September 14, 2015

Neil's close call, Nine Lives?

Oh boy where to start. My lower heating element went out in the oven a few days ago. I have been procrastinating on ordering one because I'm between paychecks and was going to order one next week. Well in the mean time this past Saturday a friend and I went out of town for a football game. While we were gone my husband Neil was at home watching the game with his cousin. For some reason only God knows, Neil decided to take the old element out of the oven. I don't even have the new one yet!

His cousin said "I noticed Neil was gone for awhile and was wondering what he was doing, I seen a large white flash across the walls and a loud POP!, Next thing I know Neil came around the corner looking white as a ghost."

Apparently Neil pulled the element out without unplugging it or turning off the power. Thanks goodness the pliers had rubber handles and had electrical tape on them. He definitely used up one of his nine lives.

Lesson: Always unplug everything before you work on it.
Stove-1 Neil-0
Element rush ordered on Amazon.

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