Monday, September 21, 2015

Till It Happens To You

There are no words really to describe the emotion that I felt while watching this video. A lot of emotions came rushing back to me watching this. I am never able to really watch shows, movies or read about rape. I get such an anger that I just can't even explain. However made myself watch this video. And I have not been able to forget it. Woman have struggled with this issue since the beginning of time. 

We have taught our girls to watch themselves, watch their surroundings when walking to the car, when they are little be mindful of how they sit , don't dress a certain way, don't get too drunk, don't wear skirts, don't wear low-cut blouses, don't have long hair, don't wear long hair in a ponytail, don't dress slutty, don't look like you're asking for it, etc... the list goes on. I have heard all of these do not's.........but what I haven't heard is education to boys and men about how it's wrong to rape. 

Nobody asks to be raped. Nobody. 

I hope that this video sheds some light on the horrific situations that are happening at all campuses. Colleges need to do more to protect their students. Stop hiding the statics and making these women feel like it's their fault. 
Stop blaming the victim.

Thank you Lady Gaga for giving us a voice for those who don't have one.

And yes I do know men are raped too. Let's not forget the true issue. Rape.
 No means no, passed out means no.

The Hunting Ground is a documentary about sexual assault on college campuses.
Breaking The Silence
Pivot TV

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