My Crazy Ass Animals

I have two cats, Cali and Dr. Zoidberg, and one dog, Hercules. I seem to get all the crazy ones and I wouldn't change a thing. They all have their own silly and crazy personalities that sometimes conflict with each other. I have had multiple rescues that have come and gone but these are my current animals.

We had a cat named Jesse first, he lived to be 17 years old. We had to put him down 2 years ago because his kidneys were failing him and his quality of life was in bad shape. He was the king of the house. He went to you if he wanted loving other than that he was not to be messed with.

We got our second cat Cali in 2005 and she acts like a princess. The way she sits and holds her head makes me think shes acts like shes royalty. Just sassy.

 Hercules came in 2011 as a 6 week old apple head chihuahua. He acts like a cat because that's all he grew up with. He would sleep with them and play with them. Cali would lick and clean him everyday. They were so cute together.

 Until I got a wild hair and decided to get another cat. A friend was trying to find homes for a set of kittens. I am a sucker for black cats and this particular one happened to be bob tailed. That was it. Had to go and get her. Of course the kids named her Dr. Zoidberg from the Futurama show.

She is full of energy and is spunky as hell. Well it's been a year since shes been at the house and Cali is still mad as hell that there is another cat in the house.  Everybody kept saying "oh , give it a few months, she'll come around, it takes time" blah blah blah. She is so pissed that this new cat is in the house she has now taken her aggression out on the dog. She now hisses at him and pops him. I guess he's now a traitor cause he plays with the new kitten all the time. Still, a year later. I don't know if she'll ever come around.

Almost forgot George our Leopard Gecko

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