Roller Derby

This page is dedicated to the only sport I actually played and enjoyed to the fullest. Roller Derby. I had always loved roller derby since I was a kid and seen it on TV. I knew I wanted to do that. Never knew that years later around me, there was roller derby booming all over the nation and the world. While I was raising 3 children, the demand for derby grew and I was totally clueless it was right in my back yard.

I ran into an old friend of the family's and she mentioned her daughter was at practice that night. I could not even explain rapid heart beat and adrenaline that was pulsating thru my veins. I was hit by the derby bug. This was my moment to step out of my comfort zone, mommy zone, wife zone and get on the track. When your married with kids, you don't come first anymore. Your family does. I had forgotten who I was individually. Not a slap to my family but when your in a position where everyone else comes first, you kinda lose yourself. You forget what made you you to begin with. You forget how to go out and have a good time, how to make friends.

Since I started derby I had been involved in so many different events, fundraisers and met so many cool people. I have been part of a bigger picture. Helping women find themselves and helping our community in our fundraising events. All derby teams play bouts and while they are doing that, the money raised from tickets go to local charities. It's still not all about us, it's about helping our community while finding our strength on the track and helping each other out. It's a family, a sisterhood, a support group, a daycare when needed and most of all acceptance that everyone is different but we are all here for the same purpose. Derby. :)

Even tho I was only with my team for 3 years I had the best time. I had to retired due to my crooked neck issues. That had bothered me for awhile. Put me down in a funk. How could I not go back to the sport that I loved and actually cared about? The only thing that makes me feel better is knowing that I was able to play and be involved for as long as I did. If I had found out about my neck issues the hard way, lets say a major blow where I fell down backwards and hit my head or popped my neck. I could very well be paralyzed. My neck issues were not because of derby. This is something I had for awhile, so without me knowing it I was actually playing derby with these herniated disks. And for that I am grateful. Much love to my derby sisters. I can't play anymore but I am there in spirit. And I will always be there rooting from the sidelines!           Ragin Raven #23    

 If you want to see more pictures and videos click here.

The Harlem Globetrotters presented a half time show at the bout.

We got to be in a couple of Mardi Gras parades.

We volunteered at a 5k run. 

 Got to meet my superhero! 

 One of our own Derby sisters ran the race.

Chillin at the skatepark

One of the biggest Roller Derby events of the year. The San Fermin Bull Run in NOLA.
The Roller derby girls are the Bulls, they wear horns and skate after the runners and hit them with a fat bat. One of the best experiences to partake in. People come from all over the world for this event.

Lets not forget about practice and exercise.

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